Friday, 16 February 2007

What is God Doing in Turkmenistan?

A team belonging to the missionary athletes' movement "Athletes in Action" reports from their visit to the Central Asian republics of Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan: "One of the journey's most interesting experiences was to listen to a large number of people telling how they became Christians," writes team leader Jason Taylor. "Previously, they had been atheists or Moslems. Some told us how God had spoken to them in dreams. Others told us how they had had headaches for days after hearing about Christ. As soon as they decided to become Christians, the headache was gone. One woman told us that on the night she heard about Jesus, nothing happened until she went to sleep. While she slept, she had a terrible dream, in which a satanic figure told her 'You will never escape from me.' But now she has also become a Christian."
Did you ever read such a load of old twaddle? .. and this is from so called Christians, who are supposed to be honest, truthful, upright citizens - well I suppose 'thou shalt not tell porkies' is not one of the ten commandments.