Thursday, 8 February 2007

A wee bit of snow and the country comes to a standstill

Snowfalls across most of the country are causing travel chaos for thousands as five airports have been closed, train services cancelled and motorists battle treacherous conditions.

Up to 10cm of snow has been reported in Buckinghamshire and 7cm in the South Midlands and Home Counties.

Luton and Cardiff airports are closed.

Bristol International Airport, Birmingham and Stanstead Airports have now reopened after being closed earlier this morning.

Despite teams of staff at Heathrow working overnight to keep the country's busiest airport open, 32 flights were still cancelled this morning.

A Met Office spokesman said the snow blanket stretched from the South and Midlands up to Lancashire and across to the Humber areas. There were snow showers today in eastern Scotland and north-eastern England, he said.

Up to 10cm of snow is predicted in Greater London. A Met Office spokesman said: 'In London it is as bad as we have seen in a number of years.'

Gatwick's runway was closed this morning but has now reopened. British Airways has cancelled about 25 flights.

????? ........ it's not as if they hadn't been warned before hand! What about all of this modern technology? I thought it was designed to cope with extremes. Isn't it just as well this isn't Russia or Iceland - they'd never get off the ground with this sort of attitude (c:=