Monday, 5 February 2007

Lady of the Flake

For decades, the sultry Flake adverts showed a string of beautiful women indulging their taste buds in a sensual chocolate moment.

Even more memorable was the haunting theme tune to the Cadbury's commercial with the words 'only the crumbliest flakiest chocolate'.

Now, after five years, the ads are back with a new Flake girl – 24-year-old Australian model Alyssa Sutherland.
Due to be aired on Friday, the ads show the Flake girl sitting in her vintage convertible car on a deserted country road.

As the Sun sets, she slowly becomes absorbed in eating her chocolate bar.

The ad has been shot by Jake Scott, son of Hollywood director Ridley Scott, who said: 'The 21st century Flake girl is more natural and much more real. She's the very definition of style, actually.'

He added that a Flake girl 'should have tremendous natural beauty' as well as being 'a little unusual' and 'magical'.