Thursday, 8 February 2007

Update to the taxi story ....

.........according to a head doctor at Sunderby Sjukhus, the decision to remove the roof of the taxi was entirely correct as one of those injured had suffered a broken neck.

"The slightest head movement would have had terrible consequences for the injured individal. Injuries like these are not always immediately apparent and in this case the symptoms first manifested themselves when the person was sitting in the taxi.

"A single careless head movement could have led to permanent paralysis.

"Sawing off the roof to remove accident victims is the safest way to manage injuries of this kind," said Anders Sundelin in a statement.

The patient was later taken to hospital in Umeå by helicopter and is reported to be doing well under the circumstances, according to newspaper NSD.

Maybe Per Isaksson wasn't such a tosser after all ... but I do wonder how the accident victim was able to walk to the taxi with a broken neck ??