Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Toilet racing

Toilet training has taken on a new meaning in a town which has shunned F1 in favour of WC1.

Hundreds of potty competitors and spectators braved sub-zero temperatures to take part in the latest winter craze – portable toilet racing in the Lithuanian town of Trakai.

WC racing features three teams of five – four pushers and one competitor who sits on the throne and holds on for dear life as he is shoved around the track on frozen Lake Galves.

The tactics are simple – be first to the bend and stop opponents barging past.

The Number Twos beat the Number Ones in the final in the alternative winter Olympics. They celebrated with high fives, after washing their hands.

Winning team member Jolanta was flushed with success. 'I've never been to the toilet in public before,' she said.