Friday, 9 February 2007

Vagina Monologues (update)

A theatre's marquee was modified twice this week after controversy over the title of an upcoming play.

On Tuesday, an Atlantic Beach theater and comedy club altered one of the titles on its marquee, which lists the titles of several oncoming events. The theatre replaced the word "vagina" in the play titled The Vagina Monologues to "hoohaa" after a woman called and complained about being offended.

Two days later, The Hoohaa Monologues was restored to its original title - The Vagina Monologues - after the play's organizers demanded it be changed back.

The organizers are a group of Florida Coastal School of Law students who said the sign had to read the play's original title because they have rights to the well-known play only if they do not allow any censorship of its content.

"We are not allowed to censor anything because the whole play is about being a woman, about telling certain women's stories. Vagina is the essence of a woman, and if you're going to suppress the name, then you're suppressing us as women," said play organizer Elissa Saavedra.