Saturday, 20 October 2007

mp3 my mp3

Here is another great bit of free software - if you have been enjoying any of the music on my playlist then you can record and download to your own pc using mp3mymp3 recorder. It's easy to use and does not eat up memory. Once you have saved your mp3/wav file you can then burn it to CD for playing in your car or at home or wherever - you can even burn it to an mp3 player. Neat!

Record internet radio and save to mp3 or wav. Record streaming audio from the
Internet, microphone, or any other source for that matter. MP3myMP3 Recorder
works directly with your system sound card - if you can hear it, you can record
it! Use the scan tool to list all mp3, wav, aif, swa, or sun au audio files on
your computer - then play and record portions of any of these files. MP3myMP3
Recorder offers customizable colors, timer, on top mode, and skinning.

It may be that I have not set options correctly because I get a couple of error messages but clicking OK allows me to proceed and does not affect the recording.

The red circular button starts the recording, a square button then shows for stopping and a triangular button allows you to play back to check quality before you save as an mp3 or wav file. Couldn't be simpler. You can record on-line radio programs and save as a large file (you can record up to 1 hour) and then split it down later into smaller segments by playing back through Windows Media Player and recording via mp3mymp3 for as long as you want. So if you record a music program you could then chop it up into segments holding only the individual tracks.

You can record off youtube, radioblog etc. and build up a music library on your pc or mp3 player.