Friday, 5 October 2007

More Blots on Belfast's landscape

You may remember an earlier post of mine about a goddam awful new development being built in Belfast - well here are three more giant turds that are going to be fouling up Belfast in the near future ...

The Boat (don't ask me) will be erected just across the road from that massive Obel (which apparently is undergoing some difficulties at foundation level - let's hope that means it's sinking in the mud) and will totally obscure the old Custom House. Pity the same cannot be said for the other massive lump of shite i.e. the Post Office building in Tomb Street (to the right on the above picture). I can't see anything (short of a few tons of semtex) being able to obscure or improve that.

The Frames complex - between the Central Library and the old Belfast Telegraph office - just another mass of glass and metal....

... similarly this, which is to be erected on the site of the former May's Market, looks to me like a huge Lego © kit with none of the appeal.

Who is the moron responsible for all these monstrosities? What, in the name of all that is holy, is wrong with building with good old bricks? I could be wrong but I think it's just possible that somebody owns a lot of shares in some glass company. Too expensive? Not modern? OR - let's just build something totally different from everything else - doesn't matter how ugly it looks, as long as the punters pay for it. These are ugly, these are eyesores, these are shite - how did they ever receive planning permission to build these? Sadly there are people who think that these new developments are wonderful. So long as Belfast gets a new skyline they don't care what it looks like - the old one is too dull and boring.

...... yes they really do - or buried in the sand - or stuck up their asses!!


.. and blueboat this should interest you - apparently this ...

or this the Fitzwilliam being erected just across from your office window (and you thought the new Opera House extension was ghastly).