Saturday, 6 October 2007

Autumn fruits

Davem recently posted a photo of some haws - well this is their partner the rose hip, looking very like tomatoes but, be warned, don't be tempted to bite into them. Extremely high in Vitamin C, hips have as much as 20 times more of this important vitamin than oranges but you have to go through a process of mincing, stewing and then (VERY IMPORTANTLY!) straining them to remove the highly irritant seeds and fibres.

Sorry that the fruit aren't properly in focus but I was pointing the camera at the sky to ensure it came out blue instead of washed-out white. ... but this is their flower, which is nicely in focus.

I love the petals that look just like tissue paper.

Weel mind I o' the joyous days
I gathered hips, an' haws, an' slaes,
Climbing ower Blackford's heathy braes
Birds' nests to herry,
smearing face, an' hands, an' claes,
Wi' bramble berry ...

James Ballantine (1808-1877)