Thursday, 25 October 2007

A couple of things you don't often see in Belfast ...

... the Lord Mayor in his ceremonial coach and robes

.... and mounted police.

This is probably why we were treated to the pomp and ceremony.

If you were one of the unfortunate drivers to be stuck in traffic in Belfast City centre tonight at about six o' clock you now know the reason.

p.s. the big rickety wheel doesn't open tonight - they hope to have it finished by the week-end. Not my fault, I hasten to add, BBC said '(the) 60m wheel is scheduled to open on 25 October, giving passengers panoramic views 200ft above the city.

Further update: from the Belfast Telegraph - And this evening, members of the Metropolitan mounted police will be joining Belfast Lord Mayor Jim Rodgers for the official start of the show signalled by a parade through Belfast city centre.

The Lord Mayor will leave the front of City Hall in a horse-drawn carriage and, escorted by the Metropolitan police, will make his way to the Odyssey Arena, via Chichester Street, Victoria Street, Albert Square, Donegall Quay, Queen Elizabeth Bridge and Queen's Quay.