Sunday, 3 June 2007

The Missing Kids Website

Every year over 77,000 children go missing in the UK.

Speed is critical in locating missing and abducted children. Modern technology offers a unique way in which the public, Police, NGOs and the private sector can work together better to protect our children.

The Missing Kids Website was originally created in the US. It displays photographs and descriptions of missing children. By viewing the Website, the public can help the Police bring these children home safely. The US Website receives 2.8 millions "hits" a day. To date one in every six children featured on this site is recovered as a result of someone recognising that child's photograph and calling authorities with information that has directly led to recovery.

The Missing Kids Website has already been introduced to 14 countries with the help of Computer Associates (CA), who provided the software and technology support. As one of the most effective tools for recovery, these national sites are linked to a global network with easy worldwide access. Over 3,000 children's cases are posted. The technology includes a language translator and age progression techniques that have been successful in identifying and retrieving children years after their disappearance.

It was introduced to England, Wales and Northern Ireland in June 2000, and to Scotland in June 2004. The site is managed by the Police National Missing Persons Bureau (PNMPB), and by a number of police forces.