Saturday, 23 June 2007


Belfast 2007 - not Rio de Janeiro (c: and we have a second Lord Mayor's Carnival because we have just elected a new Lord Mayor (Jim Rodgers).
You know those old umbrellas that you see lying about the streets - the ones that have been blown inside out - well this is how you can put them to practical use: stick them on a brush pole and stick on a couple of extra petals 'et voila' - a flower.

... and here we have the lovely, nay the beautiful, queen of hearts - not only did she blow me a kiss but she also allowed me (nay, she commanded me) to kiss her on the cheek. Mmmm!

Purple Haze!
The theme of the carnival (I think) was either the 'Summer of Love' or 'Peace, Love & Cross Community Reconciliation'. BUT do they really think that is how we looked in the Summer of Love? They must be out of their tiny skulls on acid or some similar psychedelic mood enhancer (c:

Here's a little song we can all join in with ....

even the statues get in on the act.

Some of the many photographers.