Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Local Food Hero

UTV are running a competition to find out who we think is our Local Hero and it has been brought to my attention that people are being directed (by someone with a vested interest) to a web page where they can cast a vote for one of the nominees - now I really don't think that's fair play.

When will these people realize that, by phoning/emailing all their friends or relatives to vote for a particular nominee, this will actually devalue the award?
My understanding is that the award is supposed to be made based on the praise or recommendations of satisfied customers – which is more understandable.
If you feel that you have constantly received good service from a particular establishment then you would probably be very happy to know that they have been given an award recognizing this. But to be given an award just because a large number of friends and relatives will vote for you, regardless of whether or not they have been customers in your particular establishment, where is the merit in that?

So to be sure that this contest is won on merit I urge you to nip into the UTV Food Site and cast your vote for your favourite local hero (the competition is not just limited to chefs and restaurant owners) - SO can we vote for the owner of the great wee sweety shop in Smithfield at the back of Castle Court?

The sweet shop in Smithfield is 'Old Tyme Favourites' - I have tried to nominate it but it does not appear to have been accepted (unless there is a delay on nominations being posted) - so if you would like to vote for the wee sweety shop check back later under 'Delicatessen/specialist food shops' in Belfast and make your vote count.
Anyway please vote for one of your favourites.