Saturday, 30 June 2007

McHugh's Bar, Belfast

McHugh's Bar has the unique distinction of being the oldest building in Belfast, dating back to its establishment in 1711.

It's a great spot for a pint of Guinness and also a great spot to watch the various concerts and festivals being staged in Custom House Square, being located right beside and overlooking the Square.
This unusual chess set sits in the bar area and, as you can see, one set of figures is represented by various loyalist politicians - the pawns being the, then named, Royal Ulster Constabulary. I am not sure if Mr. Trimble has been deliberately turned away from Mr. Paisley, since the two no longer see eye to eye.
The other set of figures comprises Nationalist politicians (Gerry Adams etc.) and the pawns are paramilitary figures of the IRA. Unfortunately there was too much of a reflection from the glass for me to take a decent photograph of that set.