Saturday, 30 June 2007

London Bomb

Call me cynical, call me sceptical but is it not too much of a coincidence that a car bomb should be found in London a few days after Tony Blair steps down from being Prime Minister and hands over the reins to Gordon Brown. Especially in light of the fact that it is not yet known what Gordon Brown will decide to do about the troops in Iraq.

Now it may just be that I am partial to conspiracy theories but what better way to ensure that the new Prime Minister continues with the current oppressive security policies and the war in Iraq by staging a terrorist attack on London. After all who could possibly withdraw troops from Iraq now? Now that they are hitting at the heart of Britain.

This quote from 'The Guardian' might put things into perspective:

'Rajeshree Patel, who was in the nightclub when it was evacuated, said the car "was parked at an angle by the front door of TigerTiger with all four doors open and the headlights on."

Now isn't that just what any self respecting terrorist will do? Leave a car bomb parked in such a way that will instantly draw attention to it? Somebody wanted that device to be found before it caused any damage.