Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Some Belfast Clocks

People will probably be surprised to see the number of clocks in Belfast
within a short distance of the City Hall.

All of these clocks are located on buildings in Royal Avenue and Donegall Place.
What surprises me is that most of them actually display the correct time.
The Bank of Ireland Building is now derelict and awaiting renovations,
so it's understandable (but sad) that this clock is no longer operative.
A very modern and accurate clock on Lunn's jewellers.
These two buildings are side by side - so we would expect the clocks to agree.

That of course should read - Queens Arcade (apologies)

These two clocks have just been neglected, though I think this old Bank of Ireland clock should be removed - it really is an eyesore.

All of these photos were taken between 7.45 a.m. and 7.55 a.m. today

This has to be my favourite - I just like the style of it - pity that it has also been neglected.