Saturday, 8 December 2007


I have just arrived home after having a meal in Scalini's restaurant (Botanic Avenue, Belfast) and just decided to share a pic to show you the interior. As you can see it is decorated in the style of an Italian villa and you can almost imagine yourself sitting on the terrace of the villa in Tuscany enjoying good food, good wine and pleasant company. If only they wouldn't do the same as all other commercial businesses and play their christmas cd constantly in the weeks prior to christmas - I would like to see somebody use a bit of imagination and come up with something just a wee bit different.

Just the other day my wife was commenting on an advertising poster for a popular cider and saying how much she liked it - it shows an apple tree covered with lights (they use real fairy lights on the billboards) - and I had to say that although I liked it, when it first came out, I thought it was now getting a bit boring. Again, I have nothing against the poster, I just think that after a couple of years they could use a bit more imagination. If they don't want to get away from the image of the tree and fairy lights I think they could at least photograph a different tree, perhaps in a different location. Here's a thought - why not use a photograph of a different orchard each year (I'm sure they have many) with the workers gathered at the base of the tree enjoying a glass of said cider, or is that maybe just a little bit too kitsch?

Oh, and if they use that idea - I want a commission, thank you very much.