Monday, 10 December 2007

Motoring Muriel parks up after 75 years

When she started driving, petrol cost less than 2p a litre and windscreen wipers hadn't even been invented.
But, after 75 years behind the wheel, 94-year-old Muriel Gladwin is hanging up her driving gloves.
And, despite having clocked up hundreds of thousands of miles, she leaves behind an exemplary record.
The model driver has never had an accident, never been caught speeding and never claimed on her insurance.
Mrs Gladwin began driving in 1932 in a Model T Ford – the world's first mass-produced car. She even drove professionally during the 1930s, making deliveries for her father's bakery.
'The speed on the roads is the main thing that has changed over the years,' she said, recalling that the maximum limit on all roads was 30mph.
But, after three quarters of a century, three Minis and even a bit of motor-cycling, Mrs Gladwin has decided it's time to call it a day.
She will be relying on taxis and her son to get around from now on – and her Peugeot 206 is up for sale.
That's some going - I like the way they say 'never been caught speeding'.