Thursday, 6 September 2007

Talk to me

On the bus to work this morning I noticed a cloth tied to railings and idly wondered who was celebrating a 40th or 50th birthday today. Imagine my surprise when I saw a totally different message. I just had to laugh but only because the message was so different from what I expected.

There was some speculation in the office about whether the person who had done this was male or female and some of us were accused of being sexist for assuming that only a bloke would have done this. One wag went as far as to suggest that it was the woman's fault in the first place (oh how we laughed). The question was almost answered when another colleague informed us that there were 2 more such signs on a nearby road, reading Ian, we need to talk and I'm nuts about you - so we decided that a woman was responsible until someone pointed out it could just as easily have been a man.

Putting gender aside, I hope Ian doesn't go all macho and still refuse to talk. Ian, somebody has spent a lot of time and effort on these and has declared publicly that (let's just assume that Ian is heterosexual) she's nuts about you so the least you can do is talk to her. Show us that you are a real man, talk to her and settle whatever differences you have.

I hope that, for her (?) sake you are worth all the bother and it all works out alright in the end.

If anybody knows who these people are - we would be very grateful if you let us know of the outcome. Thank you.