Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Sunshine and wine

Now that the weather is on the turn and the days are getting shorter (almost) I thought I would remind you of what we are missing - sunshine! This photo was taken in Granada in January - I never did get round to posting photos from that great trip, did I? - after we had 'done' the Alhambra palace we found a cafe in a pleasant little square serving decent food and a good bottle of local wine and there we sat sat soaking up the sun (we do seem to do a lot of that, especially with a drink in hand - well why not?). I'l tell you this though, Malaga in January was very pleasant - warm sunshine without being too hot meant we could really enjoy traipsing round to see the sights and there weren't busloads of tourists getting in the way. Did you know there's a Dunnes Store in Malaga? (well you do now).