Saturday, 8 September 2007

G is for "Glasses"

Today was such a good day that we decided to take ourselves off to Bangor, Co. Down just for a wee change. It felt so good just sitting soaking up the sun with a glass of the black stuff.

Recently I posted a listed of my favourite restaurants but I think I am going to have to amend that. I think no. 10 - Giraffe will have to come out to be replaced by Coyles, Bangor. We had a meal in the restaurant a few weeks ago which was really something and today we had what was laughingly termed 'bar food'. I say laughingly because our meals were nothing like bar food you get served elsewhere.

I had warm rare beef salad with blue cheese, lentils and truffle, while dr. em had roast pork belly and honey glazing with creamed leeks, beans and savoy cabbage - she replaced the mustard mash with champ. For dessert - cheese platter for dr. em and chocolate mousse with cherries and almonds for me. I hope I am making your mouth water. So I think Coyles will have to step into the no. 7 slot.