Tuesday, 25 September 2007

My Top 10 Restaurants

The clock outside Robinson's - pity it no longer works either - it used to keep good time.

... and I have had to review my top 10 restaurants again. After visiting McHugh's on Saturday I have decided to drop it off the list (meat was cold and had to be reheated, vegetables looked a bit grey, cheese cake [or whatever it was] was all runny) and then, after a pleasant meal in Robinson's Bistro tonight, I have decided to slot them in their place. I have not eaten in Robinson's for a while - last time was when we were able to eat in the bar downstairs but they have stopped serving food there now (so maybe you can work out how long it has been since I last visited) it won't be as long until the next visit.

1. Metro Brasserie, Belfast
1. Ginger, Belfast
3. Robinson's Bistro, Belfast
4. StoneBridge, Richill
5. Cutters Wharf, Belfast
6. Grace Neill's, Donaghadee
7. Coyles, Bangor
8. Balloo House, Killinchy
9. Old Moat Inn, Dundonald
10.Villa Italia, Belfast