Sunday, 25 March 2007

Who needs Paris Daily Photo?

As my very good friend, MLL, correctly guessed - I have just spent a week savouring the sights and delights of Paris. The photo above was taken on the way from Jardin du Luxembourg to Notre Dame and as you can see the weather was so good that some people were putting the parapets of the steps to one of the Quais to good use.

... and this was the scene earlier in Jardin du Luxembourg as Parisians took advantage of the spring sunshine and took some time out to relax. I just love the fact that you can find seats in the parks in Paris - no sitting about on damp grass.

Destination: Notre Dame - well .... after browsing through the book and art stalls along the Quai. I found a new, unwrapped DVD of Edith Piaf (see below) at a bargain price with 18 of her classic songs (including l'Accordéoniste, la Vie en Rose, Hymne á l'Amour, Non, Je ne regrette rien) - superb stuff --- worth every penny!!! I can't wait to see the new film of her life but don't understand why we have to wait until June??? C'est la vie! I must say I am really pleased about this photo, because of the light: as you can see the stalls are dark (because of the shadow of the nearby buildings) while Notre Dame is light coloured because it is receiving the full glare of the sunshine (really like to rub that bit in about the sunshine because I know the weather back here in N.I. wasn't so hot).