Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Australia posters ruled offensive

Australia's official tourism body has been ordered to take down posters in the UK because they include swearing.
Adverts promoting Australia with the slogan "So where the bloody hell are you?" prompted 32 complaints.

The UK's Advertising Standards Authority ruled the posters were in breach of the industry code and should not be seen by children.

It has told Tourism Australia to take down the posters and not to use swear words in any future advertising.

A spokesman for the industry watchdog said: "We considered that parents were entitled to expect that poster advertising should not appear to endorse or encourage swearing."

Tourism Australia said it had not intended to cause offence over its posters.

A spokesman said the campaign adopted the "irreverent" Australian tone which was aimed at an older audience.

Meanwhile, the ASA has criticised Cadbury for using Caribbean stereotypes in its commercials for Trident chewing gum.

The authority, which received 519 complaints, said the adverts caused "deep offence" to a significant minority of viewers.
BBC News:

Swearing! that's not bloody swearing if they want swearing I can give them bloody swearing. Why don't the 32 freaking idiots who complained wise up and what the f*£k is a significant minority?

But isn't that typical of Blair's Britain though, it doesn't matter what the majority of people think (the majority of people didn't want the Iraq conflict) if a significant minority want something then that's what the rest of us have to accept and suffer the consequences.