Sunday, 25 March 2007

Police email boob


Police chiefs in Australia are investigating after a photograph of a policewoman's breasts was circulated by email.

Why do women keep doing this? .. and why do they not cc: to me? perhaps I should publish my email address? ( will reach me - all contributions gratefully received) (c:=

"The ethical standards department has been notified.

"They are aware of the incident, which involved the circulation of a photograph, and they are examining it to see if an offence has been committed."

I bet they are !!!!! Can't you just see the scenario ....

1st Police Officer: G’day Bruce. Cop a look at this mate.
2nd Police Officer: ‘S truth Bruce, what have you got there?
1st Police Officer: Dunno, Bruce. Looks like it might be a picture of some Sheila’s bloody tits.
2nd Police Officer: Bloody tits? Do you think she was bloody stabbed?
1st Police Officer: Naw, Bruce – I mean it might be a picture of some bloody Sheila’s tits.
2nd Police Officer: So you don’t think there has been a bloody crime?
1st Police Officer: I didn’t bloody say that – we shall have to bloody investigate.
2nd Police Officer: Good bloody idea, Bruce. Why don’t you print it off on that bloody high res printer so we can have a bloody good gawp.

4 Hours later:
2nd Police Officer: You know Bruce, I think you might be bloody right.