Saturday, 23 September 2006

When TV stunts go wrong

While wishing nothing but a speedy recovery to Richard Hammond, co-presenter of the BBC's amazingly popular car-bore programme Top Gear, we might pause to wonder what a married man of 36, with two young daughters, was doing driving a glorified firework at 300mph around a Yorkshire airfield.

Trying to excite the viewers, is what. Just like Steve Irwin, the 'up close and at 'em' Australian 'naturalist', before he was fatally stabbed in the heart by a passing stingray. Like Jonathan Goodwin, the Channel Four escapologist saved by paramedics earlier this year after attempting to hang himself for a show entitled Death Wish Live!


For a glimpse of just how far broadcasters will push things, Uruguayan television managed to polish off seven participants in a single episode of a game show when the train they were trying to push rolled back and ran them over. And this before a live audience of 3,000 schoolchildren.