Tuesday, 26 September 2006

Radio 4 is like Marks & Spencer's knickers

Kirsty Young, the new host of Desert Island Discs, promises to give her interviewees time to explore their lives in depth and says she will be tougher on politicians who pick modern records to appear cool.
"In the early 1970s, [Michael] Parkinson did wonderful extended interviews," she says in today's Radio Times. "People came on the show because they thought it might be nice to talk to an interesting person.


: "Radio 4 is a bit like Marks & Spencer's knickers. I met the man who runs M&S and he told me he constantly gets people coming up to him saying, 'Remember those knickers you made in 1972? They were marvellous.'
"Radio 4 is a bit like that. It's part of the fabric of British life. It's certainly a big part of my life."

Daily Telegraph