Saturday, 23 September 2006

4,000 Barbies - going, going gone ...

4,000 Barbie dolls collected by Marina Kochen, over 43 years, are to be auctioned next week.
Marina has decided to collect Tom Jones memorabilia instead.

How Sad!

Ietje Raebel bought her first Barbie doll in the early 1960s as a toy for her small daughter, Marina but kept it for herself after realising the child would rather play with baby-like dolls..
When Ietje's daughter Marina became a teenager she joined her mother as a keen collector. It was only when Ietje became ill with Alzheimer's that Marina decided to sell the dolls.

Twiggy Barbie (1967) is expected to attract fierce bidding, especially as the model has recently made a comeback with her poster and television campaign for Marks and Spencer.

  • 'Barbie 1959-2002 - The Ietje Raebel and Marina Collection' will be auctioned at Christie's, London SW7 (020 7930 6074), on 26 September. The collection is on view on 23 September