Thursday, 28 September 2006

Daily Telegraph

Blood tests taken from four ponies suspected of being involved in a doping scandal at a junior show jumping event have proved positive, officials said yesterday.

More than 30 ponies were due to take part in the British Show Jumping Association's junior championships in Jersey on Sept 9.

But the event was cancelled after competitors complained that ponies were lethargic.


Yesterday, after the ponies tested positive for the sedative, the BSJA said it would discuss the issue.

Penny Crutwell, the chairman of the Jersey branch, said: "This is not something we have had to deal with before, so we will be taking a few days to consider what options are open to us.

"This whole thing has been quite a shock to the Jersey equestrian world. We have only just received the blood test results and we have informed Kim's family and the family who own the affected horses. At the moment we are still investigating the allegations against Kim."

Blood samples from two horses, Dromard Gizmo and French Mustard, were tested at the showground in St Lawrence along with samples from Flying Sunbeam and Conhrenny Thumbelina.

* What stupid names for horses!

Marina Mauger, one of the owners, said she was devastated. "It was the realisation of my worst fears," she said. "It was news I just didn't want to hear. I would never have let my child get on the pony if I'd known it had been sedated.

"It competed in the warm-up class and came fourth with four faults. But on the lap of honour, it could barely manage a trot.

"The pony, Conhrenny Thumbelina, was ridden by my youngest daughter, Francesca, who is only nine and very tiny for her age. It's awful to think what could have happened. The pony got round because he is so honest."

* HONEST! what has honesty got to do with it?