Thursday, 31 August 2006

Pens On Planes

From Joey deVilla: Travel Advisory for People Flying to the British Isles.

Another thing they don't tell you -- in fact, they don't tell you until the search at the gate: they won't let you bring a pen onto the plane. I only lost a ball-point pen which I'm pretty sure came from Tucows' office supply closet. Others were less fortunate; in the bin where confiscated pens were being collected, I saw a at least a dozen "executive" pens, including Crosses and Mont Blancs. If you're accustomed to carrying an expensive pen, do not take it with you!

Without pens, we had nothing with which to fill out the immigrations and customs forms required for international flights arriving at their first port of entry to the United States. We ended up -- all 172 of us -- sharing the chief flight attendant's pen, passing it from row to row.


They have finally woken up to the fact that ballpens can be as damaging/more damaging than nail files. So how do we complete our Sudoku now? OR is this only in the states?
... and what if somebody had overpowered the flight attendant and stolen his/her pen?
Anyway, it's time the US did away with those immigration forms - they are meaningless: I know - I completed one and gave a false address. OH NAUGHTY.