Thursday, 27 July 2006

Spellchecker firm finds typo in press release

A company that sells software to stop spelling mistakes on the internet has had to reissue its latest press release after letting through a typing mistake.

Canadian company TextTrust sells software to eliminate "the negative text impressions on Web sites" had to send out its own statement again.
The release listed "the 16 million we (sic) pages it has spellchecked over the past year".
"It's very embarrassing," said the company's PR representative.

The press release listed words including "independent", "accommodation" and "definitely", which were spelled "independant", "accomodation" and "definately".
But it did not list the word "web".

"I made the mistake, not TextTrust - they do a much better job," said PR manager Pat Brink. "It's certainly egg on the face of this public relations person."

TextTrust said it used a combination of human editors and special spell-checking software to find spelling errors on the web.