Monday, 31 July 2006

I'm a descendant of Jesus Christ


Kathleen McGowan is having a stressful week.

Her children are on school holidays, she has a suitcase full of dirty washing still to tackle after a recent trip... oh, and ever since she announced she was a direct descendant of a physical union between Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ, her phone hasn’t stopped ringing.

As the author of a new book which is set to storm the bestseller list, to the delight of its publishers and the fury of some academics and church leaders, this mother of three might have expected some fuss.

But the extraordinary story of how a 43-year-old middle-class working mother woke one morning and, urged by a dream, left her children and mystified husband to fly on a quest to Israel is itself stranger than fiction.

The fact that she funded her trip by entering a TV quiz show and then selling her collection of designer shoes on eBay adds an enthralling twist to the plot. But, a decade on, Kathleen McGowan’s tremendous gamble has paid off handsomely.

I must say she's the dead spit of him -- even down to the jesus boots !!

Hold on .. who's supposed to be the descendant of Jesus Christ?