Monday, 31 July 2006

Missing Persons - National Center for Missing Adults. (NCMA)

U.S. Citizens - please read this ...
I have received a request to post a link to this web site and ask my American visitors to also please visit this site. It is run by a woman who has done much to raise the profile of missing persons cases - particularly missing adults - and she is now looking for help from people in the USA.
Any help would be greatly appreciated but the least it will take is a letter to your Senator.

I ask you to also write to your US Senator as a minimum. You may use my letter as a template or craft your own. Next, forward the link to this blog entry or a letter of your own to people you know who will take action.For those who might be wondering, no, those online petitions will not help, contrary to popular belief. Lawmakers need to hear directly from their constituents. Electronic and unverifiable signatures will not suffice.The NCMA has been there for all of us who live in the not knowing. They need our help and support now. Don’t let this happen. Take action, please.

Thank you.

I was just gearing up to writing again when I stumbled across a new blog by the founder of the National Center for Missing Adults. The blog entry stated that the center is in danger of shutting down. Doing something about this trumped writing about my feelings. The entry about the National Center is a few posts below this one, on 7/10/06.
Hundreds and hundreds of concerned persons took this specific cause under their wing. Many of them have a missing person in their life, but to our surprise, many of them did not. While, we still don’t know to what degree this campaign has affected the center, we do know that it has. Our readers gave the employees hope to continue in their very worthy work. We will continue to work together to find answers and even better yet, solutions to keep the center open.