Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Sacked Belfast Airport Workers

I noticed this morning as I passed Transport House that the tent had gone from the canopy and there was no sign of Gordon McNeill. Checking on their web site I found this post ....

Gordon McNeill on the fourteenth day of his hunger strike was last night
taken to hospital after police intervened and summoned an ambulance to Transport

Gordon continued to refuse food and fluids in hospital. However
when doctors prepared to go to the High Court to get an order to feed him,
Gordon ended his hunger strike rather than be force fed.

The sacked shop stewards are barred by an injunction got by Unite Regional
Secretary, Jimmy Kelly, from protesting at Transport House. They are now
planning a campaign to defend their democratic right to protest by defying the
injunction. more:

Now there's a turn up for the books - the picketers are going to be picketed.