Sunday, 18 May 2008

Skinhead O'Connor

I have just, belatedly, found a review on the great wee azoo's blog of Sinead O'Connor's performance at the Waterfront Hall and I am pleased to see that I was not imagining things i.e. just how woeful a performance it was. My other half informs me that it was a really good concert and her friends, who were there, think so too. Well, I beg to differ - it was pathetic.

... oops sorry! Dr. Em didn't think it was a good concert after all - even though she has tells me I'm wrong about Ms O'Connor's performance because all the fans think she was great. But then they would anyway because that's what fans do and if the fans think she was great - then she must have been great?

And as for those who listened to the concert on radio and thought her voice was great (see the comment on azoo's blog) well I'm afraid to have to inform you that all the engineers have to do is tweak a couple of buttons and anybody can sound great.