Friday, 2 May 2008

Festival of Fools

I have previously mentioned the Festival of Fools and here, for your delectation, are a couple of acts to be seen on the streets today.

Leapin' Louie could be seen in Cornmarket, ably assisted by Michael (?) - well that's what he kept calling her though he also referred to her as a him and since I missed the start of his performance I can't argue but Michael looks like a she to me.
.. and here we have Michael's dad, Phil, who became a cow and nearly lost his video camera.

There's not many people in life who can do extraordinary
things with a lasso - even fewer who can do it without saying Yeehah! All the

Imagine our delight to find somebody with a rare talent with the
lasso, who is also very, very funny.

Since passing the Deep South Cowboy
Exam, Louie has travelled the world with his unique brand of entertainment in
search of the perfect Steer.

Incredible rope tricks combined with
juggling, acrobatics and unicycle magic makes this one of the most unusual
street shows around.

These guys are The Pitts (c: Sandy Pitt and Cess Pitt who could be seen performing in Cotton Court

From humble beginnings on a farm in Pittsville, Tasmania,
brother and sister duo Cessil (Master Magician, Yogic Guru and part time Lord of
the Dark Arts) and Sandy Pitt (long jump champion South West Tasmania, 1992)
present an affectionate, charming homage to the eccentric outback life.

This duo bring together comedy acrobatics, juggling and good old
fashioned slapstick fun to provide a stunning and funny show, which reminds us
of the benefits of marrying strangers.

The moment we had all been waiting for - Sandy gets her kit off and then proceeds to get into the strangest positions ...

... and if you want to know what they were getting up to ... well you will just have to go along and see for yourself.

The short biographies are courtesy of the Festival of Fools website

I see Adada also has some photos, from last night's opening performance.