Sunday, 25 May 2008

See the big picture - Donegall Road Primary School

I had heard about this some time ago but it was only this weekend that I was able to see and photograph it for myself. Photographs of children from Donegall Road Primary School have been arranged so that when you look at the mural from a distance you can make out the image of Ruby Murray. (Click on the pic above to see the Ruby Murray image - you may even have to sit back a bit from your monitor to see it properly).

I can't remember where I found the information but I have been googling to find out more about it but with no luck. You would think that the Tourist Board, Belfast City council or somebody would be falling over themselves to provide information about people and projects like this - but not a bit of it. Seems to me, that if local councillors or politicians can't get a free jolly to the other side of the world paid by us, the ratepayers, then they just don't want to know. Something that doesn't get their ugly gubs on the front of the Belfast Tele' obviously just isn't worth the effort.

Oh, nearly forgot to mention - it can be found on a gable wall at the end of Maldon Street at the top of Donegal Road.