Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Living with our heads in the clouds

The demise of the Obel project.
Remember a previous post where people were being encouraged to live with their heads in the clouds? Well not any longer - compare the hoarding above with the previous post - the slogan has now been painted over and work seems to have been discontinued on the monstrosity originally planned for here....

... and this is all that has been built since work started a year ago. (Construction work on the 265ft building begins in May, with a completion date of autumn 2007) Must have been low flying clouds!!

According to a publicity brochure from the Eric Cairns Partnership:

Just a few years ago, a building of such towering ambition
on Belfast’s oldest street would have been unthinkable.
However, two years ago the unveiling of Obel caught the imagination
of Belfast’s residents and visitors alike. Since then, Obel tower has
been heralded as a sign of an invigorated Belfast of regeneration and
Now, as the structure moves above ground the scene is set to watch as a
genuine Landmark is created.

This was the scene about a year ago - as you can see from my recent pic above the crane and builder's cabin have also been removed from the site.
I, for one, am really pleased that this project doesn't appear to be getting off the ground.
Funny thing: if you google for information re Obel all you get is the old publicity hype. There appears to be absolutely nothing about the demise of this much lauded project cum failure.