Thursday, 30 August 2007

St Lizier - Thursday 16th August 2007.

Two strange creatures to be found in Saint-Lizier, an ancient roman town, situated at the foot of the Pyrenees in the department of Ariège. The second is either a door knocker or a door latch - I did not investigate to find out which. I may have been taking my life in my hands if I had gotten too close to that fearsome beast (c: and the first doesn't look too friendly either.

You drive into, what you think is, a small town in the middle of nowhere and lo and behold the world and his granny has got there before you. Parking space? - you'll be extremely lucky - and for once we are, we find a space close to the town centre thanks mainly to somebody deciding it's time to visit the next small town. No thanks to the cow who got in her car and just sat there even though it was obvious we were trying to get parked. I hope the door knocker got her.