Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Toulouse - Tuesday 14th August 2007.

I have just returned from my fortnight's sojourn in France and here is the first of many photos to tempt and titillate you. Our first stop was Toulouse (mainly because the air fare was cheapest) and anybody who has visited Toulouse must surely have walked through Place Wilson
La place du président Wilson se situe à l'entrée est du centre ville de Toulouse est un petit jardin rond, et autour duquel rayonnent plusieurs rues - en son centre, une sculpture et une fontaine honorent le poète Goudouli depuis 1898.

The smiling poet is seated beside his naked langourous relaxing muse; la Garonne.

Toulouse was exceedingly hot and you can only envy the naked langourous muse but at least it was pleasant to relax within the vicinity of the cool water. And the pleasure, the sheer joy of a cold shower on naked flesh (upon one's return to one's hotel room) cannot be extolled enough.



We took a walk down to Place de la Daurade and Pont Neuf, Toulouse's oldest bridge, which has seven unequal arches and curious holes. My theory is that in time of flood these holes would allow the flood water to pass through without smashing the bridge.



From Pont Neuf it is only a short walk past the magnificent fountain representing the two rivers, Tarn and Garonne,

to Jardin Royal and the statue commemorating Antoine de Saint Exupèry and The little Prince.

... I think this little house is for the ducks. What a fantastic setting.