Monday, 6 August 2007

Belfast Water Commissioner's Office

Across from the City hall is the building that now houses Marks and Spencer's department store.

To my knowledge this had always been the Belfast Water Commissioner's Office but closer inspection revealed a series of letters set into the wall. At first I thought the letters were I.N.R.S. & O. and tried in vain to match sensible words to the initials but the best I could come up with was Irish National Rivers Something or Other but a bit more research produced the fact that originally this was Richardson Sons & Owden's Linen Warehouse and further research reveals the letters are, in fact, J.N.R.S. & O.

So, with M&S now ensconced in the building, it has almost reverted to its original purpose.

The M&S building can be seen in the background of this pic and if you look closely you will just see the above letter to the right of the two young lovers.