Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Time to move on?

Like many others, I have been following the story about the abduction of Madeleine McCann with some interest – I have children and grandchildren and I really do feel for the McCanns and I know that I would be absolutely devastated if the same thing happened to my family. Unfortunately the whole situation is rapidly turning into a media circus – if you read today’s newspapers you will find headlines such as:

Missing Madeleine parents reunited

Madeleine: Daddy's tearful pilgrimage to the shrine of yellow ribbons

Mothers raise money for Madeleine

Madeleine suspect contacts Max Clifford to cash in on story

… this originally appeared as
Chief Madeleine suspect calls in publicist Max Clifford

Madeleine’s father made a flying visit to the UK to make arrangements for the future with lawyers and campaign organizers and was only away for just over 24 hours - technically speaking he and his wife were reunited but a headline like ‘Gerry McCann returns to Portugal’ doesn’t carry the same sort of impact. While in the UK he did pay a visit to the ridiculous ‘shrine of yellow ribbons’ – another great press photo opportunity. Frankly, if I had been in his position, I would have steered well clear of something suggesting that my daughter might conceivably be already dead.

A group of 50 mothers from Lisburn have come together to raise money for the Madeleine McCann Fund - and this makes headlines on the BBC News website – nobody seems to be able to contribute to this fund or give support to the McCann family without benefiting from a certain amount of publicity.

Strange how the headline about Robert Murat was altered within a few hours – again, suggesting that a possible suspect could benefit financially from this story will help to sell more newspapers. (So who actually is cashing in?). At least he was downgraded from chief suspect.

Sadly, I feel that the McCanns have been overwhelmed by their celebrity status and may be losing sight of reality. In my opinion they should return to Britain, leave the search to professionals and try to lead as normal a life as possible, apart from other obligations they owe this, at least, to their twins. I have read comments on other websites and some people are beginning to feel that the amount of publicity being generated for this story is being counter-productive and causing many to switch off as soon as the McCann family is mentioned.

In another move, police have asked that holiday makers send in their holiday snaps, particularly those with strangers in the background. Pardon me for being stupid but these are people who are holidaying in a foreign country - so how many people in the background are not going to be strangers ?????


Thankfully while this farce is ongoing sanity still prevails and we can read about:
Britney's surprise bikini strip show (she didn’t) or
The moment a top fashion designer's wife's trousers fell down at Cannes (they did).

Apparently hotel guests relaxing around a beach fire were stunned when Britney ran down to the pool, stripped off to a bikini and splashed about screaming. WHY? – she WAS wearing her bikini.

And printing photographs of well known personages in embarrassing situations is just what the great British public wants and will sell loads more newspapers, which really is what the whole show is about.