Thursday, 26 October 2006

Robbie fan bets on his love

A Robbie Williams fan is set to win £4,000 if he asks her out on a date.
Frances Ingram, 33, will win another £10,000 if she ends up as his wife.
She told The Sun: "I am his greatest fan. I adore him and I've got all his CDs and loads of pictures of him.
"We have a lot in common, because like me he's around the same age and has no children."

That's a lot !!!

Frances bet £40 at 100/1 that she would get a date with the singer and a further bet of £10 at 1,000/1 she would end up as Mrs Williams.
Ac William Hill spokesman said: "We know Robbie's a great sport and I think there's a great chance we will get stung."

The words Bunny Boiler spring to mind!