Wednesday, 13 August 2008

What I did during the holidays #2

Our next stop, at the foot of Glendun, was Cushendun.

The pretty village was designed by Clough William Ellis in 1912 at the request of Ronald John McNeill, Baron Cushendun. The picturesque Cornish appearance was deliberate, to please the Baron’s Penzance-born wife, Maud. Ellis designed a village square with seven houses which are today run as craft shops and tea rooms. After Maud’s death in 1925, Ellis designed a row of whitewashed, quaint cottages in her memory, known as Maud cottages. Discover Northern Ireland

Ellis is also renowned for designing the Welsh village of Portmeirion which most people know as the setting for cult TV series 'The Prisoner'.

.... BUT, when you have a beautiful village why would you want to ruin the appearance by sticking up these ugly apartments? As you drive down from the glens this is the first thing you see and they hit you smack between the eyes (not a pretty sight). Clough William Ellis must be turning in his grave.