Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Big River International Blues and Jazz Festival 2008

Rory Gallagher Tribute Band
Grainne Duffy
Not a ZZ Top band member but a member of the audience
Henry McCullough
Rab McCullough
Rab McCullough and Rodney Trotter (sorry have forgotten his name)
Grainne Duffy in civvies talking to a member of the band (the drummer)
Ten Years After.

Well, Sunday didn't get off to too promising a start - we arrived at St Georges Market at 2 o'clock to discover the place was closed. Somebody appeared and told people at the head of the queue that the doors would not open until 3 o'clock then quickly disappeared without a reason nor apology for the delay. At this point I was thinking that I was going to demand a refund - a feeling that was further reinforced on returning at 3 o'clock to hear the sound men still setting up the equipment and then the sound quality for the first group (Stephen Petit) was really dire. I didn't rate the group much nor the second group (Pat McManus). Things started to get much better with the appearance of Simon McBride followed by the Rory Gallagher Tribute Band.
Grainne Duffy arrived on stage looking like a country and western act but sounding really bluesy. She reminded me a bit of Bonnie Raitt, though I'm sure Grainne may disagree. I'm sure too we shall be hearing more of Grainne.
The two highlights of the day, for me had to be Henry and Rab McCullough's sessions. There was so much energy poured into their music that we were left gasping for more. Ten Years After were good but, in my opinion, just didn't come up to the same standards as the two McCulloughs. I think the fact that the audience thinned out considerably during their session also validates my opinion.
Although the concert was late in starting I felt by the end of the night (just after 11.00pm) that we had really been given value for our money. So if you weren't there - feel sick!