Sunday, 22 July 2007

Suzie the city cat

If you live in Belfast you may have noticed various sculptures which have been installed around the city recently. These have probably been installed by The Forest of Belfast. Now I didn't know we had a forest of Belfast but apparently we do and it was launched in 1992 as an urban forestry initiative to encourage greater awareness of the importance of the city environment. It includes community tree planting, promoting tree care and developing management plans for woodlands. They say that public art has a vital role in increasing public appreciation and enjoyment of landscapes and sites such as parks, woodlands, city streets and gardens.

This is one of their commissioned sculptures by Deborah Brown (who also created the 'Sheep on the road' at the front of the Waterfront Hall) and is located on the Donegall Road at the entrance to an alley opposite Pandora Street. I must say that I really like her sculptures and I just love this one situated in the middle of a busy city street to be admired by (and admire) everybody passing by.