Thursday, 19 July 2007

Boy gets £44,000 on eBay

Police are trying to trace the owner of 65,400 euros (£44,000) mistakenly sent to a 16-year-old boy who bought a Playstation Two for £95 on eBay. The cash arrived in a box at the house in Aylsham, Norfolk, with the games console, but minus two games. IT'S MINE!!!

Police are holding the money under the Proceeds of Crime Act while the matter is investigated.
An eBay spokesman said the parcel's contents were "somewhat unusual" and it would help police with their inquiries. The boy's parents, who are not commenting, alerted police when the parcel arrived on 20 March.

Some people just can't keep their mouths shut!! The parents are not commenting (yet) but they will probably start moaning about the missing 2 games (c: