Monday, 21 April 2008

Jos. Braddell & Son

Referring back to another post - J. Braddell & Sons - I was passing the Duke of York recently and spotted this old enamel sign on the wall. Interesting to note that it was '& Son' only when that particular sign was made (compare with the nameplate above the shop) and also interesting is the low telephone number allocated to them.

I must make something clear - I referred to a photo of Blades Direct, UPPER North St., on Belfast Daily Photo - but I did not wish or intend to infer that they had any connection with Braddell's of LOWER North Street, though I did think that the comments that both blueboat and I posted on Belfast Daily Photo would have made that clear - we were just remarking on the similarity of shop fronts. So I apologise (very belatedly) to anyone who may have misconstrued my post and subsequent comments.