Friday, 30 November 2007

Ulster woman fleeced on eBay

A Despondent Ulster woman told last night how she lost a diamond engagement ring worth £2,000 - after being caught out by an elaborate scam on the internet.

Lisa Woodside, from north Belfast, placed the ring on eBay hoping to raise money for Christmas.
She received an email from a buyer she believed to be from Dallas, USA, offering £1,200.

But after Ms Woodside was asked to send the ring to the buyer's sister in Nigeria the money never appeared in her account.

It soon emerged the so-called buyer was using a fraudulent internet payment account and sending " spoof emails". ... more:

While I have every sympathy for her predicament, all I can say is - where has she been hiding these past few years, does she not read the newspapers? Did she not smell a rat when asked to send the ring to Nigeria, of all places! It is a terrible way to learn not to be so trusting.