Friday, 13 April 2007

I'm too sexy for my shorts ....

An advert for men's underwear has been ruled sexist for featuring scantily clad women and depicting women as "mere objects for male sexuality."

The adverts, for Axe boxer shorts, were ruled inappropriate by ERK, the Swedish Council Against Sexual Discrimination in Advertising.

ERK looked both at Internet adverts for Axe and at the packaging for the boxer shorts.

The packaging depicts a man wearing the boxer shorts embraced by two women wearing underwear. The man's head is cut off in the picture, although both the women's heads are visible. A pink kiss-mark is visible on his chest. The packaging also carried text warning that the garments "may get pulled out of shape, or even lucky boy."

The washing instruction label carried a symbol representing a "woman magnet".
via The Local:

More killjoys, more humourless faceless civil servants with nothing better to do with their time. (c:=